5 fresh alternatives to the hamburger menu

Hamburger menus have been in use for a quite some time and they have become boring. The Current trend of high-end techniques establish the rules for a creative playing.

Hamburger menu icons for several years has run the web and has become a must-have interface for responsive design. The benefits of hamburger menus are that they are compact, handy and mobile friendly. However, in the recent years they becoming boring and there is also a great alternative that can work similarly or better.

Scrollable navigations

Scrollable navigation is an excellent alternative to hamburger menus. Today scrollbars are a common way for navigation in mobile apps. This kind of navigation is mobile friendly and a lot of websites using the scrollable navigation to show items or any specific page on a website and it makes easier to find other section on the site.

Navigation with vertical lettering

Virtual Lettering is a brend new trend and it looks fresh and naturally clean. This kind of navigation is using less space and it’s an ideal solution for modern designs.

For example, VR Sessions implement this type of navigation which is carefully placed in a dedicated panel along with the logo.

Menu scattered around the perimeter of the screen

Another great example is menu around of the screen. This menu may be not a widely-used solution that’s why it requires a proper environment and design like centered layout.

In this navigation, each corner is reserved as a piece of information with logotype, menu icon and about section. This navigation features lots of staff in the border of the page and it’s using the free space of the web design as much as possible.

Soaring Vertical Menu

Vertical menu in design may seem to be banal and not useful. However, vertical navigation that is carefully placed around the right side of the screen can be fresh and great solution

Ultra-Narrow Slide-Out Menu

Slide-Out Menu is minimalistic and classic design, this is a new design and the good thing is that menus are slicker, more compact, thinner and also more elegant than the sliders before. This menu is a lot used for portfolio websites and always appear on the left side which allows the user to see more.


Final Words

What kind of navigation you choose they’re all good and always bring the originality to design. The aesthetic and adding some tweaks can make your navigation better and much creative to impress your visitors. The hamburger menus are a great solution for small screens only and you must not forget that the small details make a big difference in design.

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