10 Best Resume Fonts For You Next Job Application

Creating a resume is one of the most important when your are applying for a job. The other important thing is the design choices you are going to make when creating a resume. For a better impression, you need a font that is aesthetically pleasing and will grab the employer’s attention.

There are hundreds of different font available to pick for your resume and that can be difficult. No matter which font family you choose, your resume typeface should be easy on the eyes for reading.


Garamond is a font that has been used for around 500 years. The modern version of this font has a benefit of giving your a classic resume and polished look. This font is very readable and it can help to fit more text on a page without lowering the font size.

Gill Sans

Gill Sans is designed in England and has been used since the 1920s, this font will give your resume a look that is classic and modern at the same time. The font is a lot used in the UK and in more country.


Cambria font is part of typefaces called ClearType Font Collection and has been widely distributed with Microsoft Office Programs. This font is designed to perform well on computer monitors and this font can be good choose for both online and printed resumes.


Calibri is default Microsoft Word font since 2007. This font may be not used as often as Arial but it can be a perfect choice for professional resume because typing in Calibri in 12 pt. size will produce around 500 to 750 words.


Constantia is font from Microsoft’s ClearType Font Collection and is suitable both for a screen and printed documents because the letterforms make it look the page more friendly.


Lato was originally designed for corporate using in the past but now is available for download free for both and personal use. This font is described as “serious but friendly” which makes it perfect for resumes.


Didot is an upscale font with some style. This font is widely used and popular in industries like fashion and photography. This font is mostly clearly at large sizes which are best font for heading rather than body copy.


Helvetica is font used my many designers and it’s modern and clean. This font is used in many corporate logos like BMW, Microsoft and New York City’s subway signs. With this font, you can give your resume an clean and professional link. This font is included with Mac operating systems but if your are using Windows then you have to purchase it.


Georgia is alternative to Times New Roman. This font is perfect because it’s easy to read on small size and it was created for computer monitors


Avenir is very clean and sharp font that will give any resume an creative look.

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