5 fresh alternatives to the hamburger menu

Hamburger menus have been in use for a quite some time and they have become boring. The Current trend of high-end techniques establish the rules for a creative playing. Hamburger menu icons for several years has run the web and has become a must-have interface for responsive design. The benefits of hamburger menus are that they are […]

80+ Free Bootstrap Templates

Bootstrap is one of the most popular and powerful mobile first front-end framework for faster and easier web development. Bootstrap templates are growing quickly and have been underestimated in the past. Bootstrap is a great framework for building websites and the most important they are responsive and works with all devices. To make you job easier we have […]

19 Popular Frameworks you should learn in 2017

When it comes to web development it’s very important to keep your skills to the latest knowledge because the web development industry it’s developing fast and fast each year. Every year there are new frameworks released, must of the developers maybe already know some big names like jQuery and React but there always some new skills that are […]

9 Web Design Trends That Your Site May Be Missing in 2017

Web design is a concept with traditional sense and cutting-edge features every year. To make you design innovative and balanced you should follow the Web Design Trends because Web Design Trends are just like fashion trends and is always hard keeping up with the coolest new trends. The modern design is a combination of art […]

The Best 21 Analytics Tools for Websites

So you already have a website and you’re pumping your content and have a solid strategy in motion, but now the only last thing is to know that who’s visiting your website and you can know your audience if they return. For every marketer, there are options which many of these are free. The Analytics […]