26 Free Resources For Developers and Designers

Will a work exist without resources? Resources for developers and designers are online repositories for great and faster development information,

If you’re a web developer then it requires a lot of tools and software to get to do the work mentally and creatively.

Simple to get inspired by great examples you may need online resources and technology has grown more and there are always latest development and design trends.

Why are Resources For Developers and Designers great for faster development?

Resources for developers and designers

Learning tools, source code tools, JavaScripts resources can be always useful for developers no matter you are beginner or expert. The resources for developers and Designers can always boost your workflow and help you to create the project in fastest time.

Here is my list for you. This is my favorite ones and the ones I am using. These resources will help you and improve your workflow in your upcoming projects.

Let us know what you think about this and if missed something or you should think could have been something different on the list then let me know in the comments section, Enjoy.


Mimo is an iOS app that teaches programming with interactive lessons on the go. This is a great app for improving your programming skills and get more fluent in code. The courses that are offering this app are learning to code, make apps, build website and more.

Seo Serp workbench

SEO is very important for every developer. That’s where this tool gets handy. A tool to quickly check the position of multiple sites, allows you to match keywords, it helps to rank within request more simple and more effective.


Mini.css is responsive, minimal CSS lightweight framework. This is tiny CSS toolkit(under 7KB zipped) that works well on the most modern browsers and devices. It was written in Sass and is crafted for desktop and mobile devices. It will allow you to personalize your website and create your own custom design without hard work.


Blockkfont is free open source font for quick mock-ups and wireframing that simulate text. This is perfect for mockup and it should be installed as system font to use with Photoshop, illustrator or anything related.


A list created on GitHub with all the free awesome free stock photos to explore and use for your own project. The list is offering more than 20 websites of awesome stock photos providers with high quality and all pictures are free of copyright restriction.


Spectre.css is responsive, lightweight and modern CSS Framework. Designed both for developers and designers and provides basic styles for typography and elements.


Codedammit helps you to find source codes and snippets for real apps to learn programming faster. No matter is web or mobile you can explore all the real apps source codes.


This tool is one of my favorite. It allows you to download any source on the website. The best way to learning to code is by real examples. If you find a website with a creative design then with this tool you can download the source code and have a sneak into code.


Materia is a modern development environment for advanced web and mobile application. It will assist you to create an application and enable your application with a database.


Everyone knows W3schools. It’s a website for tutorials, examples, and resources for web developers. It’s covering HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.


More than 2000 quality mockups and demo videos. No matter you are designer or developer you will always need mockups to showcase your beautiful projects in seconds. On this website are added always new mockups every day offering professional photographers to ensure you get the highest quality as possible.


Unsplash is the most popular community of photographers with free Beautifull photos. The website offering more than 300.000 free high-quality photos for inspiration and creativity.

Page ruler

In real life, your always need a ruler right? This is the same being web developer. This tool is great for measurements to get perfect pixel dimensions and position.


Lightweight and powerful javascript library. It implements many features as to render charts allows you to combine graphics and animation for great effects. Available free for commercial and non-profit projects.


Quickly and simple image placeholders for your website. Just put your image size and get a placeholder image.


Codepen is a free development environment for front-end designers and developers. This is the best place to find and build something creative for inspiration or to show off your work.


Creative design resources made with a perfect pixel, free for personal and commercial use. Here on this website, you can find mock-ups, UI designs, icons, background and more and the best part is that they are free to download.


This is one of my favorite websites. You can discover what are the best and creative colors to use just with moving the mouse. This tool is usefully for designers and developers because always have a huge impact on the design. Is the best code generators to create color palettes.

Beautiful web type

Google web fonts directory offering more than 600 typefaces, more of them are awful but some typefaces are high-quality and deserver closer look. This is where this website comes handy. This website offers the highest quality web fonts on google web directory, Carefully picked only the highest one just for you to use and explore.


Simpla is modular CMS for frontend developers


Bento is a platform for learning to code.


Sometimes you find a color you like but how to know the HEX code of the color? Well, this is where this tool becomes useful. This is one of the most popular color picker and gradient generator used by many designers and developers. This tool can get you color reading from any point on your browser.


Responsive HTML Email Templates you can download and use for free.


Thimble is a project created by Mozilla, an online code editor to make it easy to create and publish your own web pages while learning to code.


Community of programmers that provide a huge list of free books for learning programming language


Bootstrapstudio is a powerull desktop app for creating responsive websites using a Bootstrap framework.

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