36 Creative Rubber Stamp Logo Designs

Rubber Stamp is important for business startups especially the creative rubber stamp which is holding a printed design and texture.

The History of the rubber stamps exists from the 1844 year, in that ere they were popular.

The first original rubber stamps was created 1866 year by James Woodruff and at that time letter stamps gained worldwide popularity at the post offices and business workplaces.

Today technology has become more improved and more dependent and now we can expect more multi-colored design stamps that produce colors with modern tools and look more attractive and professional for the business.

While today we are seeing designs, smartphones, and computers but the printed design was not forgotten.

There are still business companies who used stamps and printed documents and still for today standards still looks professional and uniquely.

Agroquímica Vigiador – Rubber Stamp


Picca Design

Ex Libris

El Khiyma

Logo concept for photography business.

e01 stamp

make a mark

Signature Stamp

Origami Collection | Rubber Stamp design


Rubber Stamp Logo

Rubber Stamp Logo Mockup

ink & vellum

Faye’s superfood logo

Wedding Stamp

Textil Algas // Seaweeds Textile

MensCorpore logo

Garage Bar

Logo for a modern family centered family law practice that is not traditional and stuffy

A Set of Linocut Stamps for a Cafe

Vagabond Like Me Winner

Rubber stamp

Berkeley Holdings Inc

Monograms on stamps

Visual identity Caves da Cerca – Identidade visual

Logo for Josh&Olli’s

Logo design for bakery company

Lazy Bear Apparel

Authentieke identiteit Mr. Voss

Rubber Stamp veturia

logo datarana

Stamp logo for Travel Photography Blog

TYPE A Custom Stamps


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